Sunday, May 25, 2008

Looking deeply into your own heart

Sit quietly, take a few deep breaths, and set aside some time to inquire into your own heart and mind for responses to these questions:
  • What brings me to practice meditation?
  • What motivates me to meditate?
  • What do I hope to achieve?
  • What do I expect to learn?
Set aside the first thoughts that come to mind, look more deeply, and ask the question, “What is the dissatisfaction or suffering that drives me?”
  • Do I want to reduce stress and calm my mind?
  • Do I want to be happier and more accepting of myself?
  • Do I seek answers to the deeper, existential questions like “Who am I?” or “What is the meaning of life?”
Perhaps you’re even attuned to the suffering of others and aspire to help them before helping yourself. Or maybe you just want to improve your performance at work or be more attentive and loving to your family. Whatever responses you get, just write them down without judgment, refer to them as needed to help keep you motivated, and allow them to change and deepen over time.

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